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About Me

Hello. My name is Kasia Kropidlowska.

I’m a mother of two beautiful minds. I have massaged them since their first months. It helped me during my first postnatal period to bond with my daughter instead of focussing on what were negative emotions around my care at the time.

I have experienced first-hand the endless benefits of baby massage and it never stops surprising me how powerful this art is. Certification with ‘International Association of Infant Massage’ just made sense and I was trained by Sylvie Hétu. 

IAIM is the only organisation dedicated solely to Infant Massage and it's spread over 70 countries. It feels like I’m part of huge family that shares experience and knowledge but at the heart of it are parents/carers and their babies. It’s all about you!

Over passed 5 years, I have taught well over 100 families some of which have made friends for life.

I will share with you my experience and knowledge in a relaxing baby led and family friendly setting, filled with giggles,


There is no need to rush.

You will learn few tricks - how to calm your baby and nurture this amazing addition to your family and life even if your baby arrived a little bit earlier. I also certified in the baby massage for preterm and special needs babies. I also hope to empower you to incorporate the nurturing touch for years to come either through baby massage strokes or story massage.


Benefits of Baby Massage


Babies interact with own parents which enhances their bonding. On the other hand babies interact with each other as well as mums get to know other mums too.


Massage improves growth and development of all bodily systems and senses. Babies may sleep better and their digestion may improve too.


Regular massage may relief your baby from pain caused by teething, gas or growing pains and it will allow your baby

to learn how to cope with every day worries.


Parents will be in baby led environment that will allow them to relax during the session. Relaxed babies may notice calmer aura, improved sleep and relaxed muscle tone.

IAIM Baby Massage 

All babies 0-12 months welcome

Home Sessions

Baby Massage Classes in the comfort of your home,

online and private

Group Sessions Bethnal Green

Baby Massage Classes in the group setting in The Canvas

(previously Yoganest),

Bethnal Green.



“I have loved this class.

Thank you for your calm & warm support!”

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